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Cristi Catt, Nikola Radan and their guests trace ballads migrating through centuries and cultures. From Portugal to Greece, India, the Ozarks and beyond, Blue Thread mixes performance, cultural outreach, and ongoing research. Coming soon -- a new album -- allowing curious listeners passage to distant lands via shared songs/stories. 

Cristi Catt, vocals and Nikola Radan, flute collaborate with colleagues including Cody Lukas, guitar, bass, charango, Yaniv Yacoby, 12-string guitar, accordion and bouzouki, Hui Weng, guzheng, Shira Kamen, vielle, and Mahshid Iraniparast, santur.

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Blue Thread traces music migration and shared stories with a focus on Portuguese, Sephardic, Celtic, and American ballads intertwined with Persian, Balkans, and other global traditions. The thread is blue, colored by the melancholy “blues” that haunt their tunes and by the sea that both inspire the lyrics of many of their songs and provide passageways between cultures.   The group debuted in 2017 with a tour of Portugal followed by ongoing performances and residencies at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and in the New England Area.

Blue Thread is now booking national and international concerts and residencies for 2022-2024. 

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