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Over the years, Cristi Catt and Nikola Radan have been conversing and collaborating on the ways in which music connects people as it travels. Like a replicating organism, over land or by sea, music adapts and regenerates, finding life in new times, different places. Blue Thread debuted in 2017, performing medieval cantigas and folk songs for a tour of Portugal followed by an ongoing performance and research residency at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. In January 2020, they recorded their debut album in Boston with a grant from Berklee College of Music. Stay tuned for the release in Summer 2021.

Catt and Radan, collaborate with:

Beau Bledsoe, guitar

Hui Weng, guzheng

Mahshid Iraniparast, santur

Shira Kamen, vielle

Yaniv Yacoby, 12-string guitar, accordion, and bouzouki

"Blue Thread revealed a vibrant and playful music that transported us to the rich and varied musical experience of medieval time without abandoning the present.”  Evora News (Portugal)

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